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logobmBusiness Mobile SEO was formed in 2011 with the intention of helping business owners achieve higher search ranking and create ongoing recognition locally for their businesses. We recognized as we were helping people with their websites and other online operations, that the most important result to them was for their business to come up on the first page of search.

With this challenge before us, we began the journey of learning what makes search engines rank websites the way they do, and what is the most important result for a business. We also understood that all businesses are not equal and that not all businesses are seeking global recognition. Some are seeking a high local search and need to be recognized as a company with quality reviews in a geographic area. Correct contact information no matter where the user finds them on the web was critical.

Our journey has allowed us to gain a substantial amount of knowledge in this arena, and our learning is ongoing. The philosophy of continued learning coupled with hard work, has driven us to become a respected online search and marketing company for small business.

logozbWe are excited to have also recently added a new company to complement our offer called Zolly Blue. We recognized that our clients needed more marketing than just SEO and mobile search. So, this new addition to our business suite offers a broader suite of digital marketing, media marketing, content creation and a full marketing dashboard all connected to a CRM to give our clients full transparency and comprehension of all the campaigns they are currently using. All for the sake of showing return on each of their campaigns.

How are people searching for your business?

Businesses are in flux right now, not knowing where best to spend their marketing dollars to create leads, customers and visibility. The options are overwhelming.

Mobile search now accounts for 60% of all search. (Quote from recent Search Engine Land blog, 2016) Making sure your business is optimized for online search, and more importantly [as the trends emerge, for mobile search], is by far one the most cost effective and successful forms of advertising. A well-built customer centric website and SEO are the foundations from which most of your marketing efforts will pivot.

The next step would be to set up an automated inbound campaign around your foundation.

Turn your site into a 24 hour sales person!


Local Services We Offer:

  • Google Place Page Analysis and Consultation
  • Google, Yahoo and Bing, Place Page Management for Local Listings
  • Google, Yahoo and Bing, Place Page Content Creation and Submission
  • UBL Citation Setup
  • Manual Citation Creation
  • Customer Review System Setup
  • Google Tag Creation and Implementation
  • Ongoing Monitoring of Citations and Reviews
  • Coupon Setup and Promotion for Local Listings and/or Citation Sites
  • Monthly Review and Analytics of Progress
Mobile Services We Offer:

  • Assure Site is Truly “Mobile Ready”
  • Create Mobile Site Landing Page
  • QR Code Campaign Monitoring and Running
  • Create Mobile Coupon(s)
  • Mobile Coupon Campaign
  • Create and Manage Hyper Local ads
  • Implement Text Campaign
  • Campaign Planning
  • Mobile Ad Setup and Implementation
  • Set up Social Media Place Pages
  • Ongoing Mobile Marketing Monitoring, Planning and Implementation
Additional services offered:

  • Website SEO (Both Onsite Website and Off Website
  • Website Building with Search Engine Friendly Code
  • Video Creation with Online Submissions
  • Social Media Management
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Management
  • Offline Promotional Pieces and Campaigns
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • E-mail Marketing, Auto-Responder Sequences, etc.
  • Inbound Lead Marketing Campaigns and Lead Generation


Step 1

Responsive Website:

  • Build your web site adhering to W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards for web design and format
  • Make sure site renders in all platforms (smart phones, tablets, desktops, etc.) and multiple operating systems (Apple, Android, Microsoft)
  • Ensure your visitors they are safe by putting an SSL (secure socket layer or https://) on your site. This helps with SEO as well

Step 2

On Site SEO:

  • Perform on-site white-hat SEO (white-hat refers to practices acceptable to search engines rules and regulations)
  • Create original content. Don’t plagiarize.
  • Title and tag pages and images so that search engines will show people descriptions and why your site is relevant to their questions

Step 3

Give visitors a reason to convert:

  • Create calls to action that are relevant to the subject
  • Design offers with landing pages and forms that capture contact information
  • Create engaging content that inspires people and gives them a reason to share it with others

Step 4

Contact us for help and get a quote:

  • Create calls to action that are relevant to the subject

Request a Quote


  • We’ve been with Business Mobile SEO for five years and couldn’t be happier. They’ve taken care of two website rebuilds, an ecommerce add-on which turned out to be a technically challenging task, and have created content, performed SEO, and headed up successful email campaigns and tracked the results of this all.

    We’ve had steady growth over the last four years and we hope to continue that trend with Business Mobile SEO and now their full marketing firm, ZollyBlue.

    Thank you to the excellent team at Business Mobile SEO/ZollyBlue Digital Marketing


    -- Cary and Lynette Welch, Owners of Welch Music --
  • When we first started working on our online presence, it was almost entirely absent. Our local listing and website search results were nowhere to be found except possibly on the third or fourth page. We had an unprofessional presence. Business Mobile SEO was able to come in and explain the process and develop a plan to not only change our search ranking, but our online reputation as well. We saw our online search numbers increase from several hundred to several thousand, which consequently allowed us to expand our business.

    Since that beginning, we’ve expanded our services with ZollyBlue and Business Mobile SEO, all of which have resulted in greater ROI.

    Thank you for all the work you’ve done and we look forward to a positive future with your company.


    -- Larry Barnes, Owner of Everything on Wheels --
  • Today’s entrepreneur wears many hats requiring various skills. One of which is an online marketing presence. A late technological phenomenon that requires skill in programming, coding, etc. Even if one possesses the skill, time to implement all of these skills effectively is consuming and unrelenting.
    I met Steve of Business Mobile SEO at a time when my web presence was lacking. Not to mention finding the time to “do it myself” was proving to be daunting. Business Mobile SEO married my ideas with its expertise to come up with a comprehensive plan to increase my online presence. The team at Business Mobile SEO walked me though every phase, all the while keeping me informed of our progress. Business Mobile SEO reliably took over the task of creating my online presence and “webutation” freeing my time to work on other projects.

    With Business Mobile SEO’s help I feel that I’ve moved from the dark ages into part of the latest technological marketing phenomenon.

    Thank you so much,

    -- R. Bailey, Jr., DMD, MS --

Our Digital Marketing Division is Zolly Blue

Business Mobile SEO’s digital marketing division is ZollyBlue.
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