The Rapidly Changing Business Search Market

In our new mobile world, the game has changed drastically for getting the word out on your products and services. The emerging market for mobile and smart phone devices has been growing at a rate that is stunning the markets and is quickly changing the way and speed that people are getting the information they need in order to make a decision on where to do business.

Changes at Google are an indicator as to how big this shift is and what the future might hold:

  • Google has gone on record saying that the mobile market is their highest priority this year.
  • Google now has a separate indexing for mobile specific websites. Traditional sites are indexed separately for ranking.
  • They also forecast that by the year 2013, 80% of the US will be fully mobile.

Get your businesses local and mobile listings in order as a foundation, and be prepared for the new mobile world! As my boxing coach used to say, “Don’t get caught flat footed.”

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