Why are people hiring SMM/SEO companies?

I do a lot of my best thinking while lying in bed at night. That isn’t the best way to get rest, but when you own a business, the things that you don’t get to think about during the day suddenly come up when you start to wind down.

I started thinking last night as I was trying to get into slumberville, “Why are we receiving so much interest from potential clients right now and how can we predict the next hot spot for our business?”

The answer came the next day when I got an email advertisement that seemed to contain relevant key words that matched our business. So I opened it and looked, as I usually do, at what my competitors were doing. This turned out to not be an ad for a competitor, but what I found in its content was quite revealing!

The document contained a list of marketing positions with descriptions that fit with exactly what we do. The surprising section of the document was the listed salaries. Approximately thirty some positions had been thoroughly examined with very credible sources and they had been conservative in their findings. I was skeptical and did some research on my own and found the numbers to be accurate. Here are just a few examples:

Director of Ecommerce Low $120,300, Medium $140,600, High $172,400

VP of Digital Marketing Low $137,900, Medium $162,600, High $188,300

Email Marketing Manager Low $70,200, Medium $75,600, High $89,300

Website Manager Low $68,600, Medium $80,500, High $91,300

Digital Media Planner/Analyst Low $50,900, Medium $63,800, High $87,400

Search Optimization Manager Low $70,400, Medium $77,800, High $92,300

The internet has become a place where companies can become very profitable if investments are made in personnel to manage the ever changing and evolving technology that goes with it. This year, according to Forbes Magazine, (The Top 7 Online Marketing Trends that will Dominate 2014) companies consider smart phones to be the highest ranked marketing “puzzle piece” to solve. As more people are doing most of their search and research on who to do business with, you’ll see more and more of these jobs available as CEO’s mandate huge grabs for talent to support their companies and the boards to whom they report.

This brings us to the conclusion of my original question. The answer is; we as an internet marketing company fill in most of the employment gaps by having niche talent within our staff. Within custom packages, we solve the client’s needs at a fraction of the cost of hiring employees at the above listed salaries!

This prospect makes me excited for the future, but also lets me know that the growth is coming fast and we need keep our eyes open and to prepare in every way we can to serve our clients.

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